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The 50 mm Lens

A lens that everyone should have in its gear, professionals or beginners.

With many advantages & also a low price compared to others lenses, it is for sure an excellent choice with a professional quality image.

+.Beat It.+

I personally have two 50 mm lenses, one f/1.4 & one f/1.8.

I started with the f/1.8, and quickly saw the beautiful pictures you could do with it, especially the 'bokeh' style, or a great background blur quality,

this wide aperture truly gives a dreamy effect to your pictures.

You can experience so many types of pictures, from Portraits which is really great if you want to separate the model from the background,

to Wildlife/Nature photography to whatever you like ending with a nice depth of field.

There is no distortion using this lens.

+.Fly Me to the Moon.+

If you are a beginner, I advise you to start with the lens f/1.8.

This one is less expensive than the f/1.4, and will satisfy you as a beginner.

With this one you can explore the many possibilities it has to offer you.

This Lens is Sharp, Small, Light & most of all it has a very nice quality image. 

You can play with the aperture, and it will help you understand the process of the depth of field,

as getting the right one for your shot can make all the difference.

As I said before this lens is super light, which is really great when you travel.

The 50 mm without flash is also good for low light or indoor photography.

You won't regret it & it's a nice gift idea !

Merry Christmas !

For this second article of the blog,

here is a quick video that will show you the main different steps to get to the final picture.

+.Unidentified Flying Object.+

For the little story behind this picture, my friend & I were going to Nice, she was driving by the Promenade des Anglais..

It was a cloudy day and the sky was pretty amazing & interesting.

I actually love this kind of weather, it always gives more character to an image.

I was just taking some random pictures with my iphone & when I got back home having a look at it,

I thought one of them was pretty interesting.

The way people were looking above the sea gave me the perspective of imaginating a scene where they would look at something special, something unusual..

The idea of a space ship came to my mind & I tried including one following the process you will see further.

The work through Photoshop began with a crop of the initial picture, then the insertion of the space ship,

adjusting the light of course so it looks part of the image, adding the milky way,

making the colors look more vibrant, & a touch of blue on the space ship. 

I rarely use pictures from the iphone, as the quality will never be as good as any other real camera,

but sometimes it's good to try something else, especially if you feel that you have to do it.

In this case I think it worked pretty well, & most of all, you don't always have your camera when you need it ! It's always like that !

Welcome to this New Section of my Website !

Here you'll find coming Articles about Backstage photo shoots,

some Tips I will give from my personnal experience, my next Travels stories & more..

For this First Article of the blog,

here is a Before / After of my last picture entitled +.LOVing Neverland.+

First of all, let me introduce you my Photography gear.

I work with a Canon 5d Mark II with two lenses :

Canon EF 24-70 mm f/2.8 L & Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

As the Light is of course a very important part of the initial process,

I do work with an external flash from the Canon brand, the Speedlite EX II.

I also use an umbrella from the brand Phottix to soften & spread the light.

Once you've got your main idea in your mind it's always good to try as many poses as possible to have a larger choice when you want to pick up the final picture..

For this kind of images,

it is nice to use a grey background when you want to add some nice textures in the editing process.

For the Creative process, I always use Photoshop for the main work & often ends with a touch of Lightroom.

To create a Dreamy Atmosphere, I love to use & play with many layers until I find the right combination

& I really like to add some Light in the final process to add a Mystical effect.

Also, as you might have noticed, Stars, Nebulas and Galaxies are part of my artistic universe.

Neverland is very dear to my heart

& I'd like to invite you to watch Danny Wu's new documentary on you tube called 'Square One'.

The Truth & the Facts.

Here you can have a look at my others backstage videos we made in the past few years..

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